Friday, January 1, 2016



Umm, so clearly I haven't been posting for the last 6 months and I'M SO SORRY FOR THAT. I was planning on posting so much this summer, but things clearly didn't go according to plan.

So where have I been these past 6 months?:

1. I went on summer vacation!! This was actually the first time I've actually gone somewhere for summer vacation is a long, long, LONG time. And I was in another country for 2 months with no laptop and very limited wifi access. Hence, my reason for not being able to post at all during the summer. I was planning on scheduling a few posts before I left, but exams, packing, and life got in the way.

2. I came back to New York at the beginning of September, a few days before school started, so I probably could've posted a few posts then, but...I got lazy...and so that didn't exactly happen. Oops?

3. And then school started, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME and consumed my life. I'm in a new school this year, so now there's the stress of learning my way around, making new friends (I can't socialize, so this isn't actually happening), and it's school, so just more work overall. *cries* Basically ever since school started, I have had little to no free time.

GUYS, I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!! I've been somewhat (barely) active on Twitter these past few months, but it's not blogging and I JUST MISSED EVERYONE SO MUCH!! <33 h2="">
So what happens now?
I'm going to be doing my absolute best to continue blogging to the best of my ability, whenever I have the time. But, I may have random hiatuses, just a warning haha. I'm also probably going to be looking for a co-blogger sometime in the near future! ;) Hopefully this year I won't be gone for half the year again! <33 div="">