Review Policy

Currently Accepting Review Requests: No

Review Requests:
Send review requests to:

Please be aware that if you do want me review your book, my reviews are completely honest.

I will try to respond to every review request, most likely within a week of receiving it. My ability to read and review books changes throughout the year.

The genres I accept review requests from are:
- YA
- NA
- Sci-Fi
- Paranormal
- Romance
- Dystopian
- Contemporary
- Fantasy
- Mystery

I accept review copies in ebook (epub or mobi) and print copies. I will post every review on Goodreads and my blog. 

When requesting a review request, please email me all of the following information:
- Your Name
- The Book(s) You Want Me to Review
- The Format You Will Provide
- Goodreads Link to the Book(s)